Social & Political Philosophy Philosophy 33, Fall 2006

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This website is the same as the one you might remember. It just has a different address and a new look. The content is all the same.

Class notes

Thomas Hobbes [1651]Picture of Thomas Hobbes

  1. The state of nature
    1. Handout: Hobbes and Aristotle’s politics [pdf]
    2. Follow-up: Aristotle on natural and artificial
  2. The laws of nature
    1. Handout: Hobbes and Aristotle’s ethics [pdf]
  3. Justice and rights
    1. Handout: Hobbes on justice [pdf]
    2. Handout: Hobbes on rights [pdf]
    3. Follow-up: Natural property rights (14 Sept)
    4. Follow-up: Robin on authorization (14 Sept)
    5. Follow-up: Ramy’s question about reading ‘dead guys’ (16 Sept)
  4. Sovereignty
  5. Hobbes on Liberty
    1. Handout: Hobbes (and Aristotle) on Liberty [pdf]
  6. Religious liberty and authority
    1. Handout: Christian liberty [pdf]

John Stuart Mill [1860s]Picture of John Stuart Mill

  1. Mill on liberty and utilitarianism
  2. Handout: Utilitarianism as an esoteric doctrine [pdf]
  3. Lewis, Mill, and Milquetoast

John Rawls [1971, 1993]Picture of John Rawls

  1. Handout: Vocabulary [pdf]
  2. Rawls and utilitarianism
  3. Rawls, Nozick, and libertarianism
  4. Rawls on liberty
  5. Hart on Rawls on Liberty
    1. Handout: Rawls’s principles [pdf]
    2. Rawls on Hart on Rawls on Liberty
  6. Political Liberalism
    1. What’s the problem?
    2. Handout: problem and vocabulary [pdf]
    3. Reasonableness
    4. Public reason
    5. Handout: Public reason (plus one last shot at the ‘problem’ of religious belief) [pdf]
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Social and Political Philosophy