Class picture Congratulations!

Before: December 2008

Here’s the class in December 2008, at the end of their first term at Pomona.

ID-1 December 2008
ID-1 December 2008
ID-1 December 2008

Top row, left to right: Greg, Calum, Emery, Ben
Next: Emilio, Jesse, Evan, John
Next: Kirk, Annie, Ashley, Jaron
First row: Brittnee, Nina, Jenya, Michael Green

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Special thanks to Emilio for taking the pictures.

ID-1 December 2008

And congratulations to Jaron for mirroring my expression in every photo, even the test! (Given that he’s standing behind me, I don’t know how he did it. Well done!)

After: May 2012

And here we are again in May of 2012, just a few weeks before graduation. Congratulations!

ID-1 Fall 2008 right before graduation in 2012

Top row, left to right: Kirk, John, Emilio
Next: Evan, Jesse
First row: Brittnee, Jenya, and a space for me

I’m not in this one because the battery in my camera ran out. Oops. Fortunately, there were phones on hand with excellent cameras. I don’t think we could have relied on that four years ago. Thanks again to Emilio, this time for his phone.

This page was written by Michael Green for The Election, ID-1, Fall 2008. It was posted December 9, 2008 and updated May 2, 2012.
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