Thesis topics

Notes for Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Main points

We did a first pass at possible thesis topics. The point is to get thinking about it; it’s not a commitment.

The topics

Peter: municipal minimum wage laws, like Seattle’s. (Politics and Economics)

Matt: wage discrimination by race in professional sports. (Economics and Politics)

Marissa: minimum wage, access to health care. (Not PPE)

Dani: emissions trading to minimize climate change. (Didn’t catch the PP or E)

Chrissie: Obamacare. (Again, I didn’t get the disciplines)

Xiaoyu: political effects of state owned enterprises. (Politics and Economics)

Sally: Chinese political reforms? Social Security registration? Merger of Shanghai and Hong Kong stock market listings?

Patrick: social media and governance, e.g. pothole reporting in San Francisco, plebiscites in Helsinki. Or sustainable transportation in LA. (PPA)

Sarah: comparative study of parental leave policies and gender equality in the workplace. (Economics and Politics?)

Danny: research paper on national happiness policies in, e.g. Bhutan, Singapore. (Politics)

Scott: Catalan national identity. (Politics and Philosophy?)

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