Thesis ideas 2

Notes for Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We’re going over the thesis action plans that were submitted over the weekend.

  1. Chrissie is still on Obamacare and thinking she will focus especially on doctors. She is not certain if the theme will be how the medical profession will change under Obamacare (fewer specialists and more general practitioners, perhaps) or whether it will be about how doctors react to economic incentives.

  2. Sarah is still doing the effect of mandatory parental leave on gender equality in the workplace. She wants to wind up with some recommendations for the US but isn’t sure if she should compare the US with other countries or compare countries with similar, but different, parental leave policies. Or maybe there are comparisons to be made inside the US.

  3. Danny is researching the role of happiness in making policy. He wants to look especially at Bhutan and the UK. Dani was in the UK and studied exactly this, so she had a nice list of sources for him to look at.

  4. Peter has two ideas. One concerns the relationship between economic equality and cultural diversity. The other concerns the role if irony in politics, based on a paper he wrote for a political theory class this term.

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