Thesis ideas

We went over the mechanics of the class and, in particular, the PPE thesis. All documents about the thesis are available on the sakai site. So you can lose that piece of paper. Not that I’m recommending that, of course.

Thesis ideas

Here is the very first, it-wasn't-fair-of-me-to-ask stab at thesis topics. No one is committed to what they said. On the other hand, everyone’s ideas sounded pretty good to me.

Anthony: ethics of data collection.

Sean: economic development in Rwanda, especially the politics of outside groups trying to drive development.

Robert: is integration an ideal? Covering everything from housing to safe spaces at colleges.

Morris: what explains the appeal of authoritarianism?

Jennifer: the ethics and politics of programming and regulating self-driving cars.

Jesse: the ethics and politics of encryption and key disclosures.

Mikayla: punishing human rights abuses, so-called universal jurisdiction claims by states vs. enforcement through international bodies like the international criminal court.

Maya: zero tolerance policies for discpline problems in schools

Ella: organ donation