Senior Literature Review Fall 2018

First Day


After talking about how the class will work, we went around the table with your ideas about what you might work on. No one is committed, of course, but this is where we are starting.

Bay is interested in forgiveness.

James is thinking about indoctrination.

Oscar is considering either the distinction between fact and value (the “is-ought gap”) or what makes science a legitimate source of knowledge.

Russell is thinking about one of my personal favorites: the city of pigs in Plato’s Republic.

Adrian has an idea about suicide.

Coleman has four possible areas in mind: (1) theories of ethics in analytic philosophy from the (early?) twentieth century, (2) Rawls’s concept of reflective equilibrium, (3) moral relativism (basically), (4) social rules that fall between morality and matters of taste, such as rules of etiquette.

Paskalina is on the concept of truth.