Senior Literature Review Fall 2018

What is Your Topic?


Today we went over reading lists. Everyone has a plausible looking list of things to read.

Now make a genuine plan: what you will read and write about each week.

That plan can change, of course. But it’s a lot easier to change a real plan than it is to go week to week pulling items out of list with no plan.

We’re going to get started with presentations on Thursday. The reading that Russell wants to present is on Sakai along with a short bit of the Republic that should cover the material discussed in the paper.

Presentation Order

Here’s the order we’re planning to go in. If you have a strong reason for wanting to switch around at some point, we can shift around. It’s just good to have a plan.

  1. Russell
  2. Paskalina
  3. Bay
  4. Oscar
  5. James
  6. Adrian
  7. Coleman