Senior Literature Review Fall 2018

Paskalina’s Research Presentation


Paskalina gave us a map of the views about truth that she is reviewing.

Our discussion

One thing that came out of our discussion is taht it is not easy to say what the difference is between the correspondence theories of truth and the deflationist theories. Everyone seems to agree that correspondence theories will not do but everyone also seems to agree that there is something right about the idea that a true statement describes the way things really are. As Paskalina put it, deflationist theories are not very good at describing how the concept of truth is used.

Oscar had an excellent suggestion for the literature review. Have something that runs through the presentation of the different views such as a case that they can agree or disagree about or abstract propositions about truth that they can do a better or worse job of accommodating. Something like that would tie the project together: we check in to see how each view under discussion handles whatever it is. I think that’s a great idea.