Ethical Theory Spring 2019

Review and Picture


The most important order of the day was the final exam. The exam will have two parts. In one part, you will be asked to identify and discuss passages from the reading. In the other part, you will write an essay on a topic distributed in advance.

I handed out a description of the exam that includes the essay topics. It’s available on the Sakai site.

The time of the final exam is given on the syllabus. For confirmation, see the Registrar’s calendar.

Class Picture!

After doing our official business, we did the important thing: the class picture! I had a great time. Thanks!

Class picture

Kenny, Hutch, Zane, Zach, Chris
Simon, Jacob, Cardeliz, Michael Green
Zoë, Camille, Cassy, Emma, Ariel
Missing: Derick, Iglal

Class picture