Political Philosophy Fall 2019

Review and Class Picture


We talked about the final exam. It will have two parts. One part will involve identifying passages from the readings while the other part will be an essay. I gave an example of how to do the part about the passages and I listed the essay topics on a handout; it is available through the Sakai site.

The exam schedule is listed in the syllabus. For confirmation, see the Registrar’s calendar.

Class Picture

Having gotten our business out of the way, we did the class picture. Thanks to everyone for a great term, with special thanks to Stevie, for serving as our class sovereign, and to August, who graciously played the role of my competitor in the state of nature. Clicking should make the picture bigger.

Class picture

Tom, Kyle, August
Thomas, James, Ruben, Tony
Liam, Christopher, Gabriel, Rooney, Sean
Michael Green, Katya, Amadi, Stevie (our sovereign), Keegan
Missing: Brian

Class picture