Freedom, Markets, and Well-being Fall 2021

Presentations & Class Picture


Students presented their prospectuses. Specifically, we asked them to cover four points:

  1. What is your research question?

  2. Why is it interesting?

  3. How will you tackle it?

  4. What sources have you found? (The idea here is to make a case for thinking that your plan will succeed.)


Patrick is working on the influence of social media in politics.

Jayden has narrowed his project on the justification of democracy down to a project specifically about voting.

And Ben has stayed right on course with the California cap and trade policy.

Class Picture

We got to take the class picture live this year!

Class picture

Sally, Jayden, Ben, Francis
Michael Green, Issie, Xiya, Sam
Eleanor Brown, Priscilla, Izzy, Patrick

Class picture with masks

Class picture with masks

Maybe this is how you remember everyone.

Class picture with masks

Class picture being silly

Or maybe this is more apt.

Class picture being silly