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Medical Ethics: Old News

as of 5/13/98; 3:37:27 PM

1. The Syllabus has been revised a bit: we now respect Memorial Day, for example. Revisions begin on May 11.

2. The Second Assignment is out.

3. The first papers have been returned. Kudos to Manuel for grading them so quickly.

4. The Center of Excellence at the Medical School has been hosting a lecture series on "Ethnicity&Medicine" this spring. Upcoming talks will cover illness and death in Asian American communities (14 May), pesticide poisoning of migrant farm workers (21 May), and research comparing cardiovascular disease in African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, and European-American women (28 May).

All talks will be deliverd on Thursdays from 12-1 pm in room M-106 in the Medical School.

as of 4/24/98; 1:58:45 PM

1. This Thursday, there will be a lecture entitled: "Triumph or Tragedy?: The Moral Meaning of Genetic Technology." Details here.

2. The first assignment was handed out today.

as of 4/16/98; 11:26:55 AM

1. The course reader is done. You can buy it at Pulse Copy Center in the Tresidder Union.

2. Tonight is the last Tanner lecture by Professor Kleinman. A full schedule and description can be found here.

as of 4/8/98; 2:32:23 PM

1. All readings are available on reserve in the Tanner Library. I've left a copy of the syllabus there too.

2. Section listings are available outside my office (92G).

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