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  1. Your papers are in various boxes of Classics 17, with comments, of course. All were quite good. Congratulations.
  2. I have finally finished up the notes. My apologies. It helped to write them after reading your very interesting papers.
  3. Thanks for a great term: we were probably a bit too jokey, but in the end, I thought we worked well together and got a lot done.

Moved on 22 December

    Sorry, but I'm falling behind on updating the site. I'm spending a lot of time with papers and the cat insists that I leave the computer. I'll get to it, though. If you're going to wind up writing short comments in December, I hereby permit you to double up. You can write two for one week: one on one article/point, a second on another. I put a piece by Richard Swinburne on reserve in Classics 17; Swinburne thinks Parfit too quickly dismisses the soul (it will be easier to understand his argument after we're done with Parfit). (1 Nov)

Moved on 12 November

  1. I updated the notes on Impersonal descriptions to address Dave's point about first person indexicals. (31 Oct)
  2. Paper topics have been posted. I'll bring paper copies to class as well.
  3. I think a Mid-term review would be a good idea.

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