Personal Identity (Fall 1999) / Site outline

  Announcements UPDATED (22 Dec 1999)
  Lecture plan
  Paper topics
  Requirements and policies
  What and who
  When and where
  Class list
  Contact information
  Identity in general
  Locke's memory theory
  Historical background on Locke
  The substance objection
  Circularity objection
  Quinton's broader psychological theory
  Reading Williams
  The reduplication problem
  Williams's experiment
  Can questions about personal identity have indeterminate answers?
  Mid-term review
  Impersonal descriptions
  Two challenges to the Further Fact View
  Physical and psychological fission
  Reductionism vs. the Further Fact View
  Practical consequences of reductionism
  Garrett's combination plate UPDATED (22 Dec 1999)
  Lewis and multiple occupancy UPDATED (22 Dec 1999)
  Other versions of multiple occupancy UPDATED (22 Dec 1999)
  Korsgaard's Kantian view of personal identity UPDATED (22 Dec 1999)

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