The Philosophy Job Market what happens

What is this?

These pages give advice to philosophy graduate students going on the academic job market.

Specifically, I will plot out a rough calendar, focusing on milestone dates: what happens when, what should be done by when, and so on.

I also offer advice about dossiers, interviewing, and campus interviews.

Why is this?

I wrote all of this down while working at the University of Chicago. One of my jobs was to help graduate students find academic positions in philosophy. This is how I helped.

I am republishing this website because people have asked me to. It is not up to date. As you can see, the last time I added anything was January 2004 and some of what I wrote is specific to the University of Chicago’s graduate program. Not much changes about the basic rhythms of the job market. But you shouldn’t rely on that.

When was this?

As of 11 September, 2002, I have finished the parts about the dossier and interviewing. On 23 January, 2004, I added the calendar.

This page was written by Michael Green. It was posted July 28, 2008.
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