Michael Green

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This year’s courses

Fall 2021
Spring 2022

The pattern

This is my regular lineup of courses, with Political Philosophy and PPE 160 being offered in the fall and the other two in the spring. I cannot promise to keep to that schedule, but it is the odds on favorite in any given year.

  1. Political Philosophy (Phil 33)
  2. Freedom, Markets, and Well-being (PPE 160)
  3. Philosophy of Law (Phil 34)
  4. Ethical Theory (Phil 32)

About Michael Green

I am a member of the Department of Philosophy and the program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Pomona College. Before coming to Pomona, I taught at McGill, Stanford, and the University of Chicago.

My office is Pearsons 207. My email address and office phone number are available from the Pomona College directory: select Faculty/Staff and enter my name.

Michael Green

Gentle advice

  1. Back up your computer to the network. In three one easy steps!
  2. Navigate the philosophy job market.

Past courses

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  • I was on leave in Spring 2020. I was doing social distancing before it became popular.
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  • I was on leave for the 2011-12 school year.
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Oldies from Chicago and Stanford