Personal Identity (Fall 1999) / Lecture plan

Lecture plan

Class Topic Reading
Week 1 Setting out the problem  
Tu 28 Sept What's special about personal identity? Parfit §75
Th 30 Sept Identity in general Locke §§1-10, Parfit §§76-77
Week 2 The memory theory  
Tu 5 Oct Consciousness extended backwards: Locke's memory theory Locke §§11-29
Th 7 Oct Objections to the memory theory: consciousness and substance Butler
Week 3 Broader psychological criteria  
Tu 12 Oct Objections to the memory theory: circularity and intransitivity Reid
Th 14 Oct A broader psychological theory Quinton
Week 4 Objections to any psychological theory  
Tu 19 Oct The reduplication problem Williams "Personal Identity and Individuation" and "Are Persons Bodies?" pp. 76-81
Th 21 Oct Williams's spectrum Williams "The Self and the Future," esp. pp. 180-192
Week 5 Indeterminancy, reductionism  
Tu 26 Oct Can there be indeterminate questions? Williams "The Self and the Future," esp. pp. 193-198
Th 28 Oct Impersonal descriptions Parfit §§78-82
Week 6 Is personal identity important?  
Tu 2 Nov Indeterminacy and the bodily criterion Parfit §§83-86
Th 4 Nov The unimportance of identity Parfit §§87-91
Week 7 Implications of reductionism  
Tu 9 Nov Reductionism vs. the further fact view Parfit §§94-99
Th 11 Nov Practical implications of reductionism Parfit §§102-118
Week 8 Alternatives  
Tu 16 Nov Combination plate Garrett
Th 18 Nov Multiple occupancy Lewis
Week 9 Alternatives  
Tu 23 Nov Kantian practical commitment Korsgaard
Th 25 Nov Thanksgiving: no class  
Week 10 Discussion and summary  
Tu 30 Nov Discussion of alternatives/papers  
Th 2 Dec Discussion of alternatives/papers  

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