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What and who


This course concerns how a person remains the same over time. For example, I have changed a great deal during the course of what I call "my life," yet I think that I have remained the same person despite these changes. What is it that makes me now the same person as the very different person who bore my name in 1976? That's the question of personal identity as I see it.

There are other questions about persons and identity that I do not consider to be problems of personal identity. For example, people identify with racial, ethnic, or national groups; they think it is part of their identities to be black, white, Jewish, or whatever. That's a perfectly sensible thing to discuss, but it isn't theproblem of personal identity as I understand it and we won't say much about it in this course.


The course is intended for advanced students with a background in philosophy. It is not appropriate for first year students.

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