Problems of Philosophy Philosophy 1, Fall 2006

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This website is the same as the one you might remember. It just has a different address and a new look. The content is all the same.

Class notes


  1. Singer’s argument
    Singer outline
  2. Singer’s principle
  3. Cohen on responsibility
    Cohen outline
  4. Thomson’s analogy
    Thomson outline
    Thomson handout [pdf]
  5. The right to abortion
  6. Moral luck
  7. Moral realism and relativism
    Moral relativism handout [pdf]
    Iranian examples [pdf]
    Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor chapter [pdf]


  1. Descartes
  2. Hume on causation:
    Hume’s psychology lecturette [pdf]
    The problem of induction
    What is a cause?
    Cause vs. correlation handout [pdf]
  3. Hume on miracles
    Handout: background [pdf]
    Handout: Hume’s letters on miracles [pdf]
    Hobbes’s letter on miracles [pdf]
  4. Hume on design: providence and a future state


  1. Locke on personal identity
    Handout: Locke’s pinky [pdf]
    Tutorial: necessary and sufficient conditions
    Handout: Alternatives to Locke’s position [pdf]
    Problem cases for Locke
  2. Williams on personal identity:
    Williams on the body-switching cases
    Can questions about personal identity have indeterminate answers?
  3. Parfit on personal identity:
    Parfit’s teletransporter
    Parfit’s spectra
  4. Williams on death
    Handout: Unamuno [pdf]
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Problems of Philosophy